Overview :

Chakras are the 5 to 7 focal points of energy in the body that help regulate all aspects of our being and help us to thrive and be healthy.

What are the 7 chakras :

Each energy center or chakra has a specific purpose. The seven chakras are:
  1. Root
  2. Sacred
  3. solar plexus
  4. Heart
  5. Throat
  6. third-eye
  7. Crowned

What does each chakra represent ?

  • The first chakra is often considered the nucleus. Located in the stomach area, it is associated with the basic needs of the human being.
  • The second chakra is associated with passion and our carnal needs.
  • The third chakra is associated with mind control and discipline.
  • The fourth chakra is defined as the center of your body but also as that linked to emotion.
  • The fifth chakra can be seen as our center of truth and our ability to communicate openly.
  • The sixth chakra is that of meaning and feeling but in terms of intuition.
  • The seventh chakra is the one that allows us to be connected to our spirituality and to ourselves (and others!).

Why do we give so much importance to this concept ?

When a chakra is thrown, it creates an "unbalanced" human feeling. This means that an individual can face a number of problems ranging from unhappiness to stress or even frustration. You will often hear of people complaining of a blockage in the throat area, which is usually associated with the fifth chakra (communication center).

How to rebalance the chakras ?

The chakras represent balance in all aspects of life. You cannot achieve balance by always striving to reach extremes. Above all, we must find a goal of which we can be proud and happy. Meditation is an excellent method for seeking happiness and allowing our minds to calm down and refocus.

An alternative method that is very popular in some Hindu and Buddhist communities is to use chakra jewelry as a way to find balance in your chakras. Made from a variety of stones, these pieces serve as a reminder of balance but also as a means of mentally refocusing our chakras. At Boutique Khazana, we use real stones to produce sterling silver jewelry that allows the wearer to remember their chakras.