They are from the same family of gems as aquamarine and morganite: beryl. They range in color from a light to a deep green color and are found in many parts of the world, most notably Colombia, which remains one of the most well known spots to mine emeralds (also commanding some of highest prices).

Emeralds have arguably the most interesting and richest histories in gemology. Spanish explorers prized emeralds from the Inca tribes of modern day South America and introduced the wider European market to their beauty and subsequent value.

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Generally speaking, many associate the gem with hope and love most notably due to the gem's association with the Greek goddess Venus. In other cultures, such as in Hinduism, emeralds are associated with the planet mercury in the navaratna (nine gems). Simply defined, Navaratna is equivalent to "nine gems" in Sanskrit and Hindi. This concept has been found in almost all Asian cultures dating back, in some cases, to hundreds of years ago.

Chakra : Due to its long association with love, it's no surprise then then emeralds are thought by many to help the heart chakra. This specific chakra is thought to be linked to the center of the body and consequently to one's emotions.

Crystal healing : No surprise here then either: within crystal healing, it's the gem of purification and love, thought to bring good fortune in questions of the heart.

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